Why Advertise with Kontrol?

We work with high energy brands that want to get their offers in front of more people, without killing their bottom line.

Hyper Targeting

Target your ads to specific audiences & locations to drive up engagement.

Exclusive Ad Unit

Premium Promo Notification Tool to promote exclusive deals.

Direct Visitors

Buy Visitors, Not Impressions. Only pay when people visit your website.

Real-time Reporting

In depth reporting capabilities to follow and manage your ad campaigns.

Premium Partners

Our Promo Notification is on popular websites catering to millennials, gen x, and pop culture.

Dedicated Support

Our team is located in the states and always here to help.

Leading Performance Focused Advertising Agency for Sales

Kontrol makes it easy to get started and create high-performing ad campaigns. You can even geo-target specific locations. Just log in, choose your ads & target audience, then launch your campaign within minutes. Track your results right from our dashboard in real-time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here to help your business thrive. Whether you need to gain more followers, sell more products, or get customers into your store, Kontrol can serve as a critical resource in helping you achieve your goals.

What are the minimum advertising requirements?

First-time Kontrol advertisers are required to put down a one-time $250 USD non-refundable deposit. This covers the initial campaign and on-boarding your account into our ad network.

What Ad Formats do you have available?

Our Real-Time Bidding Advertising Technology encompasses a variety of search and contextual traffic sources. By blending various forms of traffic channels such as native, web search, social, notifications, and more, advertisers benefit from a healthy mix of diverse traffic sources.

How do I fund my account balance?

Log In to your Kontrol Dashboard, navigate to the Deposit tab located in your menu and choose your payment method. If you prefer to wire Kontrol a larger deposit, please visit our FAQ section for details.

What type of websites do you work with?

We partner with influential websites in the pop culture including news, food & liquor, music, sports, business, culture and entertainment. We are actively adding and building brands that help our advertisers gain more followers and customers.

Still have Questions? Reach out to us: team@kontrolads.com